Photo: Laura Padgett

Guest lecture: Laura Padgett

Born in the USA in 1958, Padgett takes photos and makes videos and films in search of an unusual view of the usual. By fragmenting otherwise familiar surroundings, she sees them with new eyes and lends them a new identity. She combines her work as artist, docent, writer and curator with art history. It is this balance between the practical and theoretical sides of the art historical coin that has served her when creating work, preparing exhibitions and when writing or speaking about art. originally from the US, she lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.

She says on her work: “My work is about my relationship to the world. I use the camera to find and record things. My method has developed over the years, the images I create becoming more and more dense with time. This density is produced through means that are intrinsic to the camera, the medium of photography and in many ways film. Reflections, transparency and shadows become tactile; windows become barriers, holding the viewer off while creating another visual layer; these layers mesh into complex images that tell stories. Sometimes I add short phrases or sentences to augment the stories the photographs tell. My work makes things visible that are often overlooked. It has nothing to do with tricks, yet everything to do with perception.”

Recent projects include the exhibition "And thereby hangs a tale", a public art project that could be seen at ten different locations throughout the town of Dover, UK.

Recent publications include Seeing things. Laura J.Padgett photographs (2008) and the photos of Peter Zumthors Thinking Architecture. (with photographs of the Zumthor studio / residence) (2006)

See www.lpadgett.net

  • Date: 22.10.2009
  • Time: 13:00 - 14:30
  • Venue: The Auditorium
  • Address: Maridalsveien 29
  • Contact: Christian Hermansen

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