A new nature

The exhibition is about working with form as a state. Architect Anders Abraham explores both the concrete and the abstract in architecture.

Abraham asks: what is a city? If a city is not a form, but a state, what is it? Abraham wants to convey that a city can be a state of being rather than something concrete or tangible.

The exhibition is based on Abraham's book "A New Nature" and presents 28 sketches and collages, as well as six crates of models created by Abraham, ranging from miniature wooden screws to down-scaled supporting beams in cardboard.


The exhibitions opens at DogA on Thursday June 14 at 7PM!

  • Date: 14.06.2012 - 03.07.2012
  • Time: 19:00 - 17:00
  • Address: DogA
  • Contact: Bendicte Sunde
  • Website: http://doga.no/a-new-nature

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