Sustainable AHO design in Berlin

The design project BOUY, by AHO design student Adrian Paulsen, has been selected for the exhibition “bright green design” in Berlin June 8 – 13. The exhibition aims to enhance the focus on sustainability in design.

The product design exhibition "bright green design" is the first of three exhibitions arranged by BerliNordik 2010, and takes place as part of the DMY International Design Festival Berlin fra June8-13, 2010.

BOUY is one of five nordic design projects, one from each of the Nordic countries, that has been selected for the exhibition alongside projects from Berlin-based designers. In addition, 30 additional projects will be displayed in a mind map.

The theme of the exhibition is "What is sustainable design", and each of the selected design projects tries to answer, in various ways, to the question “How can product design take responsibility for a sustainable life?”.

- Cleans and engages

BOUY, innovativ bøye som renser forurenset vann, designet av Adrian Paulsen, AHO. Ill: Adrian Paulsen.

BOUY is a new kind of sea bouy, which by the use of advanced and environmentally friendly technology cleans seawater. When in contact with pollutantsm the bouy releases internal nano paper booms, a material that absorbs just pollutants and not water. The bouy also has an alarm function, as it in contact with pollutants changes colour from soft blue to bright orange.   

- We continuously pollute our oceans through our daily activities. This tends to happen largely unnoticed, simply because it occurs gradually. The BUOY, which will be positioned in harbors, will become a symbol of awareness about the daily pollution of the oceans and help ordinary people to engage, Adrian states.

The project was made at the AHO masters' course Technoform autumn 2009, and won Franzefoss' award for sustainability in design during AHO Works before Christmas.

When asked what sustainability means for him both as a designer and a consumer, Adrian replies: - The challenge of maximum impact with minimum resources. It creates a situation where comparing trade-offs becomes very important, and acts as a reminder to reflect on how all my actions and choices have an impact on my surroundings.

BerliNordik – Forum for Sustainable Design – is an international platform that brings together young talented designers from Berlin with their colleagues from the Nordic countries on the subject of sustainable design. The project partners include CREATE BERLIN, the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ), INPOLIS UCE GmbH and the co-founder Fashion Patrons.

The visions and themes for BerliNordik is to create a public discourse, a targeted promotion of young talents and a national and international exchange of knowledge. The hope is also that the emphasis on sustainability in design will encourage those working in the design industry to foster new ways of working, new principles, an intense exchange of knowledge and the use of innovative and alternative materials and technologies.

Published: 19.05.2010


Exhibition: “bright green design”

Product design exhibition with emhasis on sustainability, June 8-13th in Berlin, arranged by BerliNordik 2010.

Part of DMY International Design Festival Berlin

Place: International Design Center, Reinhardtstraße 52, Berlin.
Opening hours: June 8 – 13, 2010, from 10 am-6 pm

Read more at www.berlinordik.com