Center for Design Research opened

Thursday 17 November Center for Design research opened at AHO. The center is the first in this field in Norway.

A packed auditorium was welcomed by AHO’s principal Karl Otto Ellefsen at the opening conference for the Center for Design Research. Institute for Design is behind the launch of the research center and Ellefsen boasted of the institute’s academic development.

- We should remember that only a decade ago, research was an alien concept in the world of Norwegian design and design education. We are now building the centre on a set of externally financed research projects, a portfolio that has provided the institute with resources and made expansion possible, Ellefsen said.

Success story
Institute of Design has its basis in an educational programme in industrial design at the National College of Art and Design in Oslo in 1983. Ellefsen characterize the institute’s professional development since as a success story.

- Institute for Design has radically widened the thematic field that the institute is working within, even a radical change attitude as to the role of design and the designers.

As a result of these efforts, the number of scientific publications from the institute has radical increased, which is an important signal of the increasing academic weight of the institute, added Ellefsen.

The research center will further focus and consolidate the research efforts at the institute, as well as strengthen the research project’s international academic network.

The center currently includes 43 research projects.

Published: 18.11.2011