CEO of Hydro visited AHO

Hydro CEO Svein Richard Branzæg, visited AHO Thursday March 1 in connection with the student workshop "POWER FACADE" - a collaborative project between the AHO and Hydro.

Hydro CEO Svein Richard Branzæg, opened the exhibition and review of projects from the workshop POWER FACADE. During three intense days, and after introductory lectures by Harald Røstvik, professor at BAS and Philipp Müller from Hydro, students at 4th semester designed and developed proposals for an energipositiv sculpture gallery locationed in Oslo.


Norwegian Hydro is a major supplier of energy efficient building systems in aluminum. They have contributed with their expertise in this field to the workshop. An important aim for this project has been to create closer links between education and industry.


- It is incredibly inspiring to see so many talented architecture students work to solve one of the really major climate challenges, namely energy waste in buildings. The students have arrived at very interesting and creative solutions, Brandtzaeg said during the visit.


Professor Harald Røstvik was invited to conduct the final criticism of the project proposals. Through the workshop, students have gained valuable knowledge and experience they will benefit from the further exploration of the spring semester thesis about designing a large activity center for young people.

Published: 13.03.2012