About the Library

The AHO Library primarily serves the needs of the school’s own students and staff. The main emphasis on the collection is on architecture, urbanism, art, design and building technology; supplemented by a general background collection on social sciences, philosophy and science studies.



The Library uses the database system BIBSYS, which is a national library system for university-, college- and research libraries in Norway. BIBSYS is accessed at www.bibsys.no.

  • The reference collection is located on the mezzanine.
  • Also on the mezzanine is the Library’s collection of travel guides.
  • Books labelled q are oversize books and are placed on the bottom shelves.
  • Books with the label småtr. are placed separately in magazine files on the mezzanine.
  • Books labelled nærmag. are located separately in a storage room adjoining the library, and can be accessed by asking the staff at the library’s reception desk.


The Library subscribes to the principal article databases within the fields of architecture and design.

The databases API and AVERY covers international magazines on architecture ; DAAI covers international magazines on design. You may search these databases on the internet via the Library’s home pages.

In addition, we have access to the database ARKDOK, which covers Norwegian (and some foreign) magazine articles on Norwegian architecture.

New magazines are placed separately on slanted shelves in the library. Older volumes are located on the mezzanine, arranged alphabetically.

AHO has access to JSTOR digital journal archive.


Some facts about the Library:
- 58.900 volumes (2013)
- App. 200 print magazines

- 2090 e-journals
- App. 400 film titles
- Reading area
- Scanner
- Colour- and black/white photocopier
- Room with TV/video
- Important article databases within the fields of architecture and design
- Subscription to some major Norwegian newspapers
- Computers for library use