Library regulations

Lending rights

All students and employees may borrow books as long as they are registered at the school (for exchange students until the end of the term.)

Others may use the collections when visiting the library and borrow books through the inter-library loan system.

The tables in the reading area may be used by external visitors, but only for studying material from the library collection.

Lending regulations

The normal lending period is 28 days. DVDs and course reserves must be returned within 7 days. Books may be renewed as long as they are not required by another user or reserved the courses.

The library offers inter-library loan services only for persons who hold a AHO library card. 

It is not possible to borrow bound journals or books marked ref., lesesal or mag. Unbound journals (new issues) may be borrowed for 1 day.
The library does not provide through inter-library loan books marked guide og data, DVD and CD-ROMs, or books reserved the courses.

Patron responsibility

The library patron is responsible for all books registered on her/his card. A charge will be imposed for lost and damaged documents. If the books are not returned before the lending period expires, the library will send 3 reminders before the borrower gets a claim. The borrower loses her/his borrowing rights until the books are returned or the charge paid.

Recall notifications are sent as e-mail to the AHO e-mail address; please check regularly!

The user is obliged to inform the library about new adresses and return all books before long term absence.

Violation of the regulations may result in loss of borrowing rights.

Lost items

Minimum replacement cost: NOK 700,-. Governmental publications and booklets:  NOK 350,-.