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A list of the courses that is taught in the 2014 spring semester, complete with links to their literature.

Course Literature Professor in charge

Foundation level studies
GK2 Introduction to architecture - Erik Langdalen and Christine Petersen
GK2 Material technology -
Steinar Killi and Solveig Sandnes
GK1 Drawing In the library Carsten Loly
GK2 Architectural and design history before 1900 Course reader
Victor Plathe Tschudi and Jan Michl
GK2 Introduction to design
In the library Harald Skulberg
GK4 Design studio: Small public building In the library
Bente Kleven
GK4 Structures and construction part 2 In the library Bjørn Sandaker
GK4 The history of architectural theory Course reader
Mari Lending
GK4 Methods and technology in the design process In the library Steinar Killi
GK4 Production technology In the library Steinar Killi
GK4 Introduction to design theory part 2
In the library
Jan Michl
GK6 City and architecture
In the library
Marianne Skjulhaug
GK6 Design project
In the library Geir Øxseth
GK6 Examen Philosophicum In the library Martina Keitsch
Studio courses
Scarcity and creativity in latitude 34S
In the library Michael Hensel and Christian Hermansen
The new collective: Stage In the library Per Olaf Fjeld
A house on a flat piece of earth In the library
Neven Fuchs-Mikac
Urban housing in wood In the library Børre Skodvin
Three critical projects In the library Beate Hølmebakk
Architectural heritage - Retrospect
Kjetil Sæterdal
Industrial design 2 - Protohype In the library
Håkan Edelholdt
Service Design 2 -
Simon Clatworthy
Interaction Design 2: Screens In the library
Mosse Sjaastad
Systemoriented design -
Birger Sevaldson
Focal point Biedjovággi In the library Gisle Løken
Hyper (landscape) Urbanism
In the library
Kelly Shannon
Urban ecologies In the library Alice Labadini
Elective courses
Associate modelling in architectural design
Web resources
Michael Hensel
Digital crafting In the library
Neven Fuchs-Mikac
The role of the architect; Architecture becomes profession In the library
Elisabeth Seip
Norwegian tectonic traditions in wood In the library
Kolbjørn Nesje Nybø
Cities in maps and models In the library
Victor Plathe Tschudi
Cartographies of hydrology In the library
Norwegian Cities In the library
A view to the future: Energy positive buildings -
Marius Nygaard
Interactive spaces and environments
In the library Ståle Stenslie
Applied storytelling In the library
Hans Gerhard Meyer
Published: 05.07.2010