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A list of the courses that is taught in the 2015 spring semester, complete with links to their literature.

Course Literature Professor in charge

Foundation level studies
GK2 Introduction to architecture In the library
Anna Røtnes and Christine Petersen
GK2 Design basics - part 2
Harald Skulberg
GK1 Drawing In the library
GK2 Material techonology In the library
Solveig Sandness
GK2 Architecture and design history
In the library
Mari Hvattum and Victor Plathe Tschudi
GK4 Small public building
In the library
Bente Kleven
GK4 Structural mechanics and building construction In the library
Bjørn Sandaker
GK4 Norwegian architectural history In the library
Kolbjørn Nesje Nybø
GK4 Methods and technology in the design process
- Steinar Killi
GK4 Production technology
GK4 Design theory 1
Henry Miansah
GK6 City and architecture
In the library
Marianne Skjulhaug
GK6 Examen philosophicum
- Ingmar Meland
GK6 Design put in system
- Tom Vavik
Studio courses
SCS: Space for maditation in Manresa 
In the library Christian Hermansen
Wood - tree - building - Børre Skodvin and Lars Hamran
Mid-rise residential in LA -
Neven Fuchs-Mikac
The new collective: Network - Marked In the library Per Olaf Fjeld
Spaces II In the library Raphael Zuber
ACDL Computation
In the library
Søren S. Sørensen
Continuity trough Oslo's city plan In the library
Marianne Skjulstad
Landscape : The city and the fjord In the library Jeppe Aasgaard Andresen
Oslo Re-store: Concrete In the library
Erik Fenstad Langdalen
Building in landscape In the library
Espen Vatn
Restore - Reinventing the goverment district - Erik Fenstad Langdalen
Industrial design 2: Protohype 
Håkan Edeholt
Interaction design 2: Screens In the library Mosse Sjaastad
Life-changes services - Simon Clatworthy
Elective courses
Practical concepts
In the library
Thomas McQuillan
Computational design and fabrication -
Søren S. Sørensen
Norwegian cities -
Dag Tvilde
Current theories in urbanism - Jonny Aspen
Interactive spaces and environments - Ståle Stenslie
Architecture's printing culture -
Mari Hvattum
Architecture is space; Space is architecture In the library
Christian Parreno
Freehand sketching -
Carsten Oeding Loly
Theories of radical conservation In the library Bryony Roberts
Landscape urbanism In the library Giambattista Zaccariotto
Published: 05.07.2010