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A list of the courses that is taught in the 2014 fall semester, complete with links to their literature. THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Course Literature Professor in charge

Foundation level studies
GK1 Introduction to architecture - Anna Røtnes and Christine Petersen
GK1 Design basics - part 1 -
Harald Skulberg
GK1 Drawing In the library
GK1 Examen Philosophicum -
Ingmar Meland
GK1 The reading and writing course
Mari Lending
GK3 Urban Residence -
Bente Kleven
GK3 Structural mechanics and building construction
Bjørn Sandaker
GK3 Architectural and design history -
Victor Plathe Tschudi
GK3 Interactive products - Einar Sneve Martiniussen
GK3 Mechanics - Steinar Killi
GK5 City and architecture
Marianne Skjulhaug
GK5 Urban planning history
Karl Otto Ellefsen
GK5 Urban practices
- Karl Otto Ellefsen
GK5 Identity in products, services and interactions - Nina Bjørnstad
Studio courses
Scarcity and creativity 
- Christian Hermansen
Residetial densification in depth - Håkon Vigsnæs
Learning from Sverre Fehn: Museum for Cy Twombley -
Neven Fuchs-Mikac
The new collective: Network - Per Olaf Fjeld
An daptaple urban timber building - Marius Nygaard
ACDL Computation
In the library
Søren S. Sørensen
Architecture on display In the library
Mari Hvattum
Rome + mausoleum -
Erik F. Langdalen
Oslo Re-store: Reinventing the govermant district In the library
Bryony Roberts and Andrea Pinochet
Industrial design 1: Technoform -
Steinar Killi
Interaction design 1: Tangible interactions - Nicholas Stevens
Service design 1 
Berit Lindquister
System oriented design with ID, IX and SD - Birger Sevaldson
Urban design - Arctic city - Peter Hemmersam
Master studio landscape; Mixmasterplan - Iwan Thomson
Measuring the North: a compiliation - Ann-Sofi Röhnskog
Tøyen - Knut Longva
Concepts for the subarctic city   Anita Veiseth
Elective courses
Architecture and film
Rolf Gerstlauer
Computational design and fabrication In the library
Søren S. Sørensen
Norwegian architecture - an intoduction -
Mathilde Simonsen Dahl
Norwegian tectonic traditions in wood In the library
Kolbjørn Nesje Nybø
Concurrent trends: Postmodern and decontructive architecture (1969-1988) In the library
Léa-Catherine Szacka
Design acivism -
Hans Gerhard Meier
Design Management In the library
Rachel Troye
Current theories in urbanism -
Jonny Aspen
uten navn - Kelly Shannon
Published: 05.07.2010