Production of course readers. Copyright

Information for AHO staff producing course readers and shearing copyright material on Moodle.

Course readers are to be sold in the reception at cost. The reception offers copying and binding services. One week production time.

Through Kopinor’s agreement with the The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions (UHR) you may to a certain degree produce photocopies, prints and digitize from printed material.

Restrictions concerning copying from one single publication/issue:

  • Books still available for purchase: Up to 15 % or one entire chapter, short story or scene from a play.
  • Books out of stock from the publisher: Up to 30 %
  • Scientific journals: Up to 2 articles a year from the same issue, provided that it doesn’t comprise more than 25 % of the issue’s total pages.

For some publications the above mentioned restrictions do not apply:

  • Legal statutes, administrative regulations, court decisions and other decisions by public authorities.
  • Works where the term of protection has expired (70 years after the author’s death).
  • Material released under the Creative Commons license and other free use licenses.

Digitalisation restrictions:

  • It is not legal to digitize/scan books and journal articles that are predefined as course literature, be it required or suggested reading.

Database agreements for the library:

Most of our full-text database subscriptions allow publishing on Moodle. Digital articles and books from these databases can be part of the curriculum.

Read the license agreements for each database.

Useful links:

Clara - an online information centre for copyright and clearance.

Del rett. En veiledningstjeneste om opphavsrett fra Norgesuniversitetet. (IN NORWEGIAN)

Opphavsrett og bruk av verk i undervisningen. Nettsted knyttet til læreboka Sammensatte tekster: Arbeid med digital kompetanse i skolen av Gunnar Liestøl, Anders Fagerjord og Gisle Hannemyr (Cappelen Akademisk, 2009). (IN NORWEGIAN)

Published: 30.03.2011