Context: This PhD project is one of several in the Group 9 of the PhD school that has a focus on Research by Design. The research connects to other electronic arts and interaction design projects at the Institute of Design.

Goal: This thesis makes a case for using physical movement as design material in an explorative design process for the designer of full-body human-computer interactions. In order to approach this aspect, the thesis is positioned within the domains of and intersections between digital technology, performance and communication.

Research questions: The thesis asks the questions: What properties and communicative aspects of human full-body movement are important when designing for movement-based interactions? What kind of new movements may be generated by the immediate visualisations afforded by new technology? How may we inform the design process of human-computer movement interactions where the form of mediation is bodily movement, movement capture and movement visualizations?

Analytical frames: Communication, socio-cultural semiotics and visual perception.

Methods: Literature survey, practice-based research and analysis of design outputs of the project and others as case studies.

Deliverables: PhD thesis (3 articles, kappe).

Supervisor: Prof. Andrew Morrison

Funding: Stipend position AHO

Duration: 1 August 2008 – 1 August 2012

Project site: http://kinetically.wordpress.com/

Berg, I. T. & Hansen L. A. (ed), Program to perform: exploring dance and new media, 2009, Oslo School of Architecture, Oslo

Conference: ke∂ja Oslo – Dance and New Media, October 2010


Media coverage:

Published  2010