Cleaning up our act or clean up after our acting

Semester/year: Spring 2010   Supervisor(s): Birger Sevaldsson, Nina Bjørnstad)

A system oriented approach to oil spill response

As several recent examples hace showed, our current way of addresseing castal oil spills are simply inadequate. In Norway the latest example being the ”Full city” accident. My project is a direct response to that accident. Its goal is to through a system oriented and explorative approach look into how to reduce the effect of coastal oil spills.

A short description of the system oriented approach would be an increased attention to the bigger picture and stronger focus on how all the elements within a system interacts.

The project result is a system which provides the people involved with a condensed risk factor forecast of their area of interest. This risk factor is communicated through an unit that also allows the user to respond according to their own situation. This human factor (+1) has largely been forgotten in our excising system. This system allows us to move from the current static approach towards the dynamic understanding needed to deal more efficiently with the threat of coastal oil spills.

The concept intention is to raise a discussion of how our oil spill response could develop.

Final concept description: Dynamic risk migration and resource allocation with a stronger focus on the human aspect.

Published  2010