PhD Programme at AHO

AHO provides PhD education within architecture, urbanism and industrial design as well as within other relevant practical aesthetical subjects.

At the moment AHO hosts about 45-50 PhD candidates in total.

The majority of the PhD candidats are architects or designers, but AHO also recruits candidates from many other practical aesthetical subjects and academic disciplines.

As a PhD candidate your are employed by the AHO and receive a salary during the periode of education (3 years).

All PhD candidate postions are financed, either by internal sources (AHO) or by external sources, such as the Norwegian Research Council.

AHO's PhD programme is intended to qualify for appointments to academic posts and other positions that require high standards of competence in the disciplines covered by the programme.

The PhD education has an international focus and you are encouraged to take parts of the education abroad.

AHO generally admit candidates into its PhD programme every year or second year. However, there might be announcements of PhD positions associated with larger, externally funded reseach projects (NFR, EU) in addition to the general admission. Here, the topics will be delineated from the project's academic profile.

In other respects the requirements for application, assessment criteria and conditions for appointment are the same as for other PhD positions.

See information about vacant PhD candidate positions here.

Admission requirements
Admission to the school's PhD program requires a Master's degree or equivalent education. 

Applicants who don't meet this criteria must be able to document a satisfactory teoretical competence and experience/background that make it likely that he/she will be able to undergo a PhD education.      

The Research school
The Research school is a one year compulsory teaching and research education program for all students who are planning to write a PhD thesis at AHO.

The research school starts in the autumn (September/October) and is normally carried out the first year of the PhD studies.  

The reseach administration has the administrative responsibility for the PhD programme.



Application and admission.

Here you will find important information about application and admission to the PhD program at AHO.


AHO's regulations and rutines

The AHO Quality Assurance System ("Kvalitetssystemet") are meant to cover all aspects of the operations at AHO. The system is developed continually, and is subject to frequent updates and maintenance.

Here you will find practical information regarding the studies at AHO, i.e. PhD studies.