Research education at AHO

The Research school is a compulsory teaching and research education program for students admitted to the PhD program at AHO.

AHO's Research education was established in 1992 and is a compulsory training program for the PhD Program at AHO. The program is equivalent to about a one-year full time study (45 ECTS), and normally runs every year.

The research training must be completed and approved prior to submitting your doctoral thesis for evaluation.

The research school is only open for PhD candidates who are accepted to the school's 3 year's PhD program.

The research school normally starts in the beginning of the autumn semester and last from September/October until December with 30 studypoint. The second semester last from January/February until May with 15 studypoints.

Main components
The training has an overall international focus and a broad profile, and consists of two main components:

  • The first component is common for all candidates and has its main focus on central research and theory traditions within AHO’s core subjects.
  • The second component is academically or institutionally specific and provides more specialized and project related theory and method teaching.
  • In addition to the two components mentioned abow is attendance at relevant research seminars and conferences.
  • More information about time schedule and curriculum will be available at the start of the study.