Exchange to one of AHO's partner institutions

AHO has exchange agreements with 50 partner universities. Most of the agreements are organized through the Erasmus- and Nordplus programs, but there are also some independent bilateral agreements and memorandums of understanding.

The agreements ensure that the exchange studies will be accredited into the participating students’ master’s degrees at AHO, and not delay the study progression. You are also exempt from tuitions fees at the partner institutions.

Exchange agreements architecture

Exchange agreements industrial design

How to apply

The application form exchange studies will be made available on our websites well ahead of the next upcoming application deadline. You may list up to three partner institutions in prioritized order.

Application deadlines:

  • March 1st for autumn semester/whole academic year 
  • September 15th for spring semester

Shortly after the deadline, you will be contacted by the Academic Services with information on how to proceed with the application. The Academic Services will guide you through the application process, and serve as the connecting link between you and the partner institution.

Selection of applicants

The agreements are valid for a fixed number of students, usually one or two. If the number of internal applicants to a given partner institution exceeds the number defined in the exchange agreement, AHO must make a selection. 

In this case the order of priority in the students' applications will be decisive. 

If necessary the final decision will be made on the basis of a “portfolio competition” where the AHO Assessment Committee picks the best applicant(s) on the basis of submitted portfolios.

Note that you should be prepared to sublit your portfolio shortly after the internal application deadline.

Sending the application to the partner university

Usually the international coordinator at AHO will send the final exchange application to the partner institution on behalf of the student. The deadline for sending the application and requirements for attachments varies between the respective partner universities. You will get the relevant information for your application from the Academic Services shortly after the internal application deadline.   

The applicant is responsible for handing in the required attachments in time for the final application deadline set by the partner institution. The most frequent requirements are a CV, letter of motivation, portfolio and passport photo. We do not demand that you submit the attachemnts with the internal application form within March 1st, but recommend that you start working on your portfolio and letter of motivation early.


Students who exchange through the Erasmus- and Nordplus programs are eligible for a scholarship. AHO applies for means for scholarships on behalf of the outgoing students every semester, and distribute the means to the eligible students.

There is unfortunately no scholarship available for students exchanging through the independent bilateral agreements. 

Recognition of credits

Before the mobility period a learning agreement defining courses and credits for the mobility must be written. The learning agreement is to be signed by the exchange student, the host institution and AHO, and is the exchange student’s guarantee that the credits obtained abroad are recognized at AHO upon her return. After the mobility period the exchange student is responsible for providing a transcript of records from the host institution documenting that courses and credits as defined in the learning agreement are passed.

In order to get the exchange stay recognized as full time studies,  the student must sign up for courses answering to 30 ECTS credits or equivalent per semester within architecture or design. Work placements or traineeships are not approved.