Get started as an international student

When you have been accepted as an international student, there are several practical matters to take care of. Here you will find some important practical information for new international AHO students.

Register for courses
AHO students at Master's level follow one studio course (24 ECTS) and one elective course (6 ECTS) per semester. Prior to each academic year the students may apply for courses by submitting a list of three alternatives* for each course type in prioritized order through the application portal Studweb.

Each new student will receive an email with individual log on data for Studweb prior to the opening of the course registrations.

* New students in Master of Landscape Architecture will follow a mandatory course plan in the first year of the programme, but must still register for courses through Studweb. A list of the courses you must register for will be provided.

Apply for housing
Students who are admitted to study at AHO are eligible for accommodation through The Foundation for Student life in Oslo (SIO). You apply by completing the online application form available here. When asked for your Norwegian ID-number, you may enter your date of birth. It is advisable to apply as soon as possible after you have been admitted to AHO.

Remember to set up a number of alternatives for accommodation. Due to high pressure on student housing units in Oslo there is no guarantee that you will get your number one priority.


Apply for student residence permit

Nordic Citizens
Nationals of the Nordic countries Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland do not need a student residence permit. For more information for nationals of these countries regarding practicalities like social benefits, health insurance, etc., please see HalloNorden and The Nordic Social Insurance Portal.

If you are a citizen of an EU / EEA / EFTA country, you should make a preliminary registration online. Upon arrival in Norway, you must visit the Service Centre for Foreign Workers in Schweigaards gate 17 to hand in the required documents. Bring your letter of admission, passport, European Health Insurance Card (or similar) and a personal declaration stating that you have sufficient funds to support yourself.
Read more at The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration's website.

Other international students
Apply for a student residence permit in Norway as soon as possible, and before 1 June, if you want to be sure your residence permit is ready for the start of your studies at AHO.

Please register your application online at the Application Portal Norway first and then submit the required documents at your nearest Norwegian embassy or consular service.

Read more about how to apply at The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration's website.

AHO's organization number, which you will need when filling in the online application for a student residence permit, is 971 526 378.

Regarding economic subsistence, you must document funds corresponding to the amount of full support from The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (NOK 97 850 for the academic year 2014-2015). For those who do not hold a personal account in a Norwegian bank, the amount may be transferred to a deposit account held by AHO. Details for the transfer will be provided by the Academic Services at AHO.

Upon arrival in Norway, you must book an appointment through the UDI's online application portal and meet up personally at the police station in Schweigaards gate 15 B. 

A student residence permit allows students to work 20 hours per week, and full time in vacations.


Norwegian ID-number
When your residence permit is granted you mat apply for an 11-digit Norwegian personal ID-number. Please visit the Oslo Tax Office (Skatt Øst) / Service Centre for Foreign Workers in Schweigaards gate 17 to order your ID-number as soon as possible after the residence permit registration is completed. This is necessary in order to open a Norwegian bank account (and get your deposit back, if applicable), receive tax deduction card for part time work etc.

Please do also remember to bring a copy of the letter with your Norwegian ID-number from Skatt Øst to the Academic Services at AHO.

Exchange and visiting students who will stay for one semester only will normally not be granted a Norwegian ID-number. These students is advised to visit a bank as soon as possible after arrival in Norway to have the bank order a d-number on their behalf. A bank account can be established when the d-number is granted.

More practical information for students is avaliable here. You may also contact the academic services department if you have questions regarding your studies or everyday life as a student. Remember, it is better to ask too many questions than to miss out on important information!


Useful links
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Published: 29.10.2009