Master of Architecture

The master program in architecture lasts 11 semesters. It consists of a basic education for 6 semesters, studio classes for 4 semesters and a diploma assignment for the last semester.

Norwegian is required for the first three years of the Master of Architecture program (foundation level). It is possible to apply directly into the fourth year (master's level), which is in English. Read more 


The Master of Architecture programme at AHO has an average duration of 11 semesters - 330 ECTS points. Each semester yields 30 ECTS credits. The first 6 semesters consist of compulsory foundation level teaching. After the foundation level teaching has been completed, the next four semesters consist of a 24-credit studio course and a 6-credit elective course. The final semester consists of a diploma assignment.

Parts of the foundation studies will be in cooperation with the students at the Design programme. The foundation studies end with an evaluation of each student’s portfolio. For the student to be able to move on to Master’s studies, all courses, including the portfolio, must have received the grade PASS.

During the fourth year of studies, students can choose freely among elective studio courses and elective courses listed in the Course catalogue.

For the student to be able to start the diploma studies he or she must have passed the foundation level, achieved credits amounting to 10 semesters for architectural studies, and passed the diploma programming course (6 ECTS credits).

The scope of the diploma assignment is 36 ECTS credits. The diploma project that is conducted during the last semester of the programme yields 30 credits. In addition, the student must take a compulsory 6-credit elective on programme work during the semester prior to the diploma assignment.

Candidates who have passed and completed 300 ECTS credits and the 30-credit diploma exam of the Architecture programme will be awarded the degree Master of Architecture.


A semester consists of courses of varying credits and duration. AHO's courses have the following designations: foundation level teaching, electives and studio work. The aims and structure of each course can be found in the course descriptions.

Full time study

The master’s programmes are full-time studies that requires attendance and devoted work in all lectures, seminars, workshops etc. It is not possible to study Architecture part-time.

Foundation level studies

The foundation level studies are based on the studio model. This includes lectures, seminars and workshops. In addition, some themes are separated as independent subjects with separate exams. The lectures at the foundation level are mainly in Norwegian.

At the foundation level project work ends with an assessment of the student’s work by appointed sensors. Courses are marked with PASS/FAIL in the first year of study, and with use of the A-F scale as described below in the second and third. Assessment is based on attendance, semester progression and the quality of submitted materia

Master level

A form of teaching based on project work in a studio, which integrates teaching academic knowledge and skills as part of the project work. Studio teaching is an intensive form of teaching that entails a high exchange of knowledge between the teacher and student. The teaching will be either in Norwegian, Norwegian and English or in English only.

Studio courses end with a run through of the students’ project work by appointed examiners, where at least one is an external examiner. Studio courses are marked Pass/Fail . Assessment is based on attendance, study progression and the quality of submitted material. When evaluating project work, criteria will be adjusted to the number of semesters completed.

Elective course

The elective courses are courses meant to supplement the Studio courses either as practical courses or as theoretical courses. All elective courses are available to all students from the 7th semester onwards.

Assessment is based on attendance, study progression and the quality of submitted material. Elective courses are marked Pass/Fail .
Upon graduation, all students receive a Diploma Supplement attached to their Diploma and transcript of records.
Study trips

The Master of Architecture programme has a tradition to arrange an excursion/study trip each semester. The average duration is 1-2 weeks. The expenses are covered by the students themselves. Excursions are not compulsory, but AHO recommends that students take part.
Material costs and expences

Unfortunately, AHO does not have the resources to supply students with materials or all relevant hardware and software. Consequently, students are expected to cover their own expenses in relation to this.