Master of landscape architecture

The Master of Landscape Architecture programme has a duration of 4 semesters, 120 ects. Admission to the programme is based on a Bachelor in Landscape Architecture or equivalent.

  • A completed Bachelor in Landscape Architecture or equivalent education at university or university college level
  • Accepted portfolio

Master of Landscape Architecture is a 2-year programme with focus on landscape urbanism. The first semester focuses on concepts and analysis at the park and cityscape scale, while the second semester investigates ‘the potential of landscape to structure urbanization and urbanism at a territorial scale. The third semester is more open to the wide array of contemporary practices and challenges of landscape architecture, and allows students to choose studio courses from a number of alternatives including our landscape education at the University of Tromsø (Cooperation AHO and UiT). The fourth semester is devoted to the diploma project.

The program emphasizes urban landscape architecture within a studio-based curriculum focused on design and gives the title Master of Landscape Architecture. Interwoven into the studio-based education is a series of workshops and seminars that focus on history and theory, techniques and tools.

Each semester students participate in one studio course of 24 ects credits and one elective course of 6 ects credits. The two first semesters are mandatory. The third semester opens for exchange. The diploma project that is conducted during the last semester of the programme yields 30 ects. In addition, the student must take a compulsory 6-credit elective on programme work during the semester prior to the diploma assignment. There would be a very clear link to the pre-diploma course with the choice of the third semester studio and teacher.


A semester consists of courses of varying credits and duration. The aims and structure of each course can be found in the course descriptions. The master’s programmes are full-time studies that require attendance and devoted work in all lectures, seminars, workshops etc.

Studio courses

A form of teaching based on project work in a studio, which integrates teaching academic knowledge and skills as part of the project work. Studio teaching is an intensive form of teaching that entails a high exchange of knowledge between the teacher and student. The teaching will be in English.

Assessment is based on attendance, study progression and the quality of submitted material. Studio courses are marked Pass/Fail.

Elective course

The elective courses are courses meant to supplement the Studio courses either as practical courses or as theoretical courses. All elective courses are available to all students from the 7th semester onwards.

Assessment is based on attendance, study progression and the quality of submitted material. Elective courses are marked Pass/Fail.


Assessment is based on external examiners. Upon graduation, all students receive a Diploma Supplement attached to their Diploma and transcript of records.

Study trips

The Master of Landscape Architecture programme has a tradition to arrange an excursion/study trip each semester. The average duration is 1-2 weeks. The students themselves cover the expenses. Excursions are not compulsory, but AHO recommends that students take part.

Material costs and expences

AHO does not have the resources to supply students with materials or all relevant hardware and software. Consequently, students are expected to cover their own expenses in relation to this. There are no tuition fees at AHO.