Explorations of how play elements can add a narrative layer to how people perceive things

Semester/year: Autumn 2010 Supervisor: Mosse Sjaastad


This thesis consists of a range of different concepts, each experimenting with applying video game elements to trivial contexts. For the AHO diploma exhibition February 2011 only one of these is presented, a project called Cubicle Juice.


Cubicle Juice is a game platform for subtle play in the office.


Players receive challenges by phone, instructions that encourage strange behaviour sometimes bordering to the socially unacceptable.


If a player decides to accept a challenge, he/she can report back on how it went on an online platform, and by doing so claiming a splash of “cubicle juice”, the in-game currency.


The website has social elements that enables communication with other players, and experienced players are allowed suggesting challenges to other members.


There are different genres of challenges, some are based on thought experiments, some on secret performance, and other on interaction with other people in the office.


Each mission is given by a character called Bill, it is always his voice giving instructions by phone.


Contact Info:

Theo Tveterås



Publisert  2011