A house for three artists

Semester/year: Autumn 2010  Course: A connected house in a wild environment

Teachers: Neven Fuchs-Mikac, Philipe Rahm (guest professor)

Melatonin is a hormone which, in us humans, directly relates to our internal cycle of day and night (circadian cycle). This cycle can in many ways be seen as an internal clock controlling our sleep patterns. Before the age of electric light, the influence on melatonin was to a great degree controlled by the natural cycle of day and night. In the world of today this natural cycle is being erased by artificial lighting. The goal of this project is to look at how space takes into account this cycle. Here it is not enough simply to create disassociated spaces where different lighting is achieved. One also has to look at the relations between the time within the cycle of day and night our actions take place,the space in which it is done, the shaping of these spaces and further the organization of these spaces. This has to deal not only with optimization, but in a world where people lose sense of the daily rhythm, to make people more aware of their environment in accordance to these rhythms.

With this the the main aim of this project is the creation of dwellings with studios for three artists, where one has a particular awareness of light in connection to sleep/wake and the three distinct lighting conditions of the studios.

The project was awarded Graphisofts prize for "Excellence in computer graphics" at AHO WORKS AWARDS autumn 2010.

The jury, consisting of architects Henriette Salvesen (Div. A arkitekter), Erik Vitanza (Snøhetta) and Børre Skodvin (AHO) gave the following statement: ”The project is beautifully presented in black, white and gray , _ a presentation which is concise graphically, where both 2d drawings, 3d visualisation, the physcal model , the hand sketches and the actual layout of the A3 book are beautifully coordinated and concise”.


Bilde 1

Mountain and shape

Bilde 2

Dwelling coming out of mountain

Bilde 3

House seen from valley

Bilde 4

Longsection 1

Bilde 5

Longsection 2

Bilde 6

Level 0 : Roof plan (level of entry)

Bilde 7

Level -1

Bilde 8

Level -2

Bilde 9

Cross section 1

Bilde 10

Cross section 2

Bilde 11

Painters Studio

Publisert  2011