Making products young or the phenomenon of pedomorphosis in product design: oberservations and mapping

Semester/year: Spring 2010  Supervisors: Jan Michl, Anne Mellbye, Carsten Loly

Making products young is an investigation of childlike elements in products through the spectacles of human pedomorphosis. What stands in biological antrophology for the retention of physical, phsycological and behavioral traits of embryos, fetus and juveniles by adults of a species, can probably illuminate aspects of the semantic nature of these childlike elements in design.

The concept of pedomorphosis in products starts with the establishment of analogies between human pedomorphosis and product design. The collection of characteristics found in the analogies has been categorized and once again combined under the childlike expressions. Both characteristics and expressions have been tested on 218 study cases.

The investigation finishes with a proposed concept of pedomorphosis in design, where the emotions and behaviors, with which humans respond to the specific products, have once again been connected with the human pedomorphosis.

The overall goal of this thesis is to raise the question of the nature of the childlike products and to establish a strong framework for further investigations in the world of product analysis and product semiotics.

The thesis is represented by a book, 218 study cases and a flip book as a sub comment.

Project blog: http://paedomorphosisindesign.blogspot.com


Publisert  2010