SAFE. How can physical design be used to protect women in refugee camps?

Semester/year: Spring 2010  Supervisors: Edward Robbins, Alf Haukland

The main goal of this project was to find out if a change of focus on the physical surroundings in a security aspect might increase the safety for the women in the camp, and at the same time increase the life quality for the people in the camp. In addition wanted to look at the camp in a context, and improve the relation between the camp and the local community by environmental design.

Through the project I have come up with the concept of SAFE-design, Security through emphasise on activity, function and environment. The meaning of the consept is to introduce a wider perspective of security and the built environment in the camp.

The main method to implement SAFE-design in the camp is to change from a technical to a human approach. SAFE-design must be implemented from the start of the planning process and be an interdisciplinary cooperation.

My hope is that the principles and results based on the theoretic framework and my findings in the case study might be used to create safer refugee camps in the future.

Publisert  2010