Snow Toy Racing Sled

Semester/year: Spring 2010  Supervisor: Steinar Killi   External supervisor: Thomas Brødreskift

In this project, I set out to find a window of opportunity for innovation in the world of sliding on snow.My research produced a huge collection of products ranging from kids toys, professionals skis, boards, sleds, skates and much more.

With this information in place I evaluated each group of products to find where I could contribute with innovative ideas. I finally chose to focus on sledding in alpine ski slopes. The final concept is designed to be used as a marketing tool for Red Bull.

Because of economic and safety limitations to privately owned and rental sleds I decided that a large company like Red Bull would provide the necessary funds to develope a racing sled with enough performance enhancements to allow for something truely new to emerge.

The idea is that Red Bull creates a new winter sport and racing series using my design for a racing sled. They invite atheletes from other action sports to compete for prize money. This will give birth to a valuable marketing tool for Red Bull. Extreme sports are highly poplular and my racing sled will help create a spectacle that surely will draw a lot of attention.

Publisert  2010