Documentation of knowledge of English

Applicants from outside the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland) must document satisfactory English skills through one of the following options:

   TOEFL IBT: (Test of English as a Foreign Language), with a minimum
   score of 80 points. AHO TOEFL code: 5000

   IELTS Academic version, International English Language
   Testing Service, British Council, with a minimum score of 6.0 points

   Certificate in Advanced English or Certificate of Proficiency in English from
   University of Cambridge

Applicants with the following documentation are exempt from the English requirements:

   Citizens of Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom 
   and the USA.

   Applicants with one year of university studies in one of the above-mentioned
   countries, where the language of instruction was English.

   Completed university degree, where English was the main subject of study.

   Completed university degree (minimum Bachelor) where English was the  
   language of instruction.

   Applicants from Africa with an A-level in English with a grade of C or 

Publisert: 21.01.2010