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Institute of Architecture

Institute of Architecture

The Institute of Architecture acknowledges the fundamental diversity of the discipline of architecture by seeking to develop in its students both a broad range of methods and the strength of an individual approach. By overlaying an awareness of architectural heritage with experimental and forward-facing perspectives, we seek to provide our students with the competence and individuality necessary to realize buildings of the highest quality. Our teaching and research unite theory and practice in a studio-based environment that reflects interdisciplinarity and a close bond to architectural practice. 

At the Foundation level, the architecture program includes architectural design, material technology, freehand drawing, workshop experience, and architectural history. At the Master level, we offer practice-based studios and electives that span from sustainability, tectonics and art, to transformation, archive study and historical research. This course portfolio is predicated on research-based studios and studio-based research, in line with our belief that the best architecture is both concrete and conceptual.

The Institute hosts the Oslo Centre for Critical Architectural Studies (OCCAS), where our PhD students take part in ongoing research projects. We offer a post-professional masters in preservation through the Scandinavian NORDMAK network. 

The Institute maintains an international staff of around 50 architects, engineers, artists and philosophers. 

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