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AHO has a limited amount of parking spaces infront of the school. The spots are marked with "AHO" or "Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo". Parking requires a valid ticket, contact the reception.

All parking is at your own risk and should not exceed 24 hours. The parking spaces are supervised by Østlandske parkering. Parking without permission (valid) will be fined and will not be refunded by the school. Cars can also be towed at owners expense. 

Parkring permission - staff

Parking permission is given to staff and should be visible at the front window. The permisson gives access to parking 24 hours at the schools parking spaces. Contact the reception. 

Guest parking 

The reception hands out parking permits to guests of all kinds. 

Please avoid getting fined. 

Avoid gettng fined by purchasing a permit for parking outside the schools opening hours (08.00 - 15.45). Parking outside opening hours costs 50 ,- 

Parkring in the courtyard

Parking places for HC and charger for electric cars are located in the courtyard. Service cars with permits can park outside designated spaces. Please limit parking in the courtyard to 10 minutes. 

Parkings permits  - students

Permits can be purchased and should be visible in the front window. The permits are given from 1600 – 0700 on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends and public holidays. The permit is not valid over the summer - from approximately middle of June to middle of August. 

Parkring regulations for bikes, motorcycles, kick bikes and the like

Please park bicycles at the designated spaces under the roof between the main entrance and the entrance by the workshops. 
Make sure to keep the access to both entrances free for large vehicles at all times. The parking spaces is for bikes in active use and bikes left over the holidays will be removed. 

Handicap parking 

Two of the spaces in the courtyard is reserved for handicapped students/staff. In addtion to valid permit alle cars parked here need a valid HC permit.