Architectural History

Architectural History

«The young ones do not cry – or at least should not cry ‘back to antiquity,’ but ‘forward to classical spirit and rhythm’,” declared the young architect Herman Munthe-Kaas in 1919; he was soon to become a leading figure in Norwegian modernism. The dictum may stand as a motto for the position and relevance of architectural history at AHO. The temporalities of architecture and the historicity of buildings constitute the fundament for the teaching and research activities at the Institute of Form, Theory and History (FTH). The curriculum organized by the institute includes lectures in the history of architecture for first- and second year-students and classes in the history of architectural theory for third year-students. The FTH also offers researched based MA courses (“OCCAS-studio”), aiming to present neglected historical material from archives and collections, as well as a selection of elective courses that address historical and contemporary phenomena within ongoing international research projects. On diploma level, FTH encourages investigations into the past that brings out history’s continuous relevance. The staff at FTH is responsible for classes in architectural history at AHO’ PhD program and a range of PhD-students is at work on topics that fall within our areas of interest. The research at FTH is organized in projects sorting under OCCAS (Oslo Center for Critical Architectural Studies), such as The Printed and the Built: Architecture and Public Debate in Modern Europe; Topos and Topography: Rome as the Guidebook City, and Place and Displacement: Exhibiting Architecture (see The members of staff, needless to say, publish in esteemed journals and for the most prestigious publishers.      



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