Architecture & Culture

Architecture & Culture

Architecture offers a stage for human behaviour. It is both an intellectual and material practice and no matter how architecture is defined, it will continue to stage activities, provide shelter and organise movement as well as affect us perceptually.

As a consequence the Architecture & Culture unit strives for a further understanding and discoveries of architectures elementary basic properties in which psychical space are to be developed and formed. 
The students are inspired to seek deeper into social and cultural changes. To challenges that mark our time, and reflect on how these changes in different ways have influenced our relationship to architectural space, and how we use it. Thus, the unit provides and intellectual arena for students to concentrate and develop their own position in relation to architecture. 
In Architecture & Culture we search towards an architectural awareness that seeks to establish a sustainable relationship to our culture and psychical world. 

We do not believe that schools exist to prepare students for the world but rather that the world is always in the making. Its source and materials are embedded in the individual creative process.

Per Olaf Fjeld
Lisbeth Funck
Rolf Gerstlauer

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