Building Heritage

Building Heritage

The Institute of Form, Theory and History holds a strong position in the fields of building heritage and critical preservation; running research projects and offering several PhD-positions. The faculty teaches at all levels in the school’s curriculum: BA, MA, and the PhD-program. Based on multidisciplinary and critical approaches, building heritage spans from theory to practice, encompassing design, the history and theory of preservation, technology and materials, as well as heritage policy. Lately we have been focusing in particular on the recent past; developing alternative and experimental approaches to post war architecture. FTH’s extensive national and international collaboration with partners from academia and architectural practice will be further developed by establishing new research projects. AHO’s post-professional master in architectural heritage was established in 2005, and a new group of students will start in the fall 2016. 

AHO has an on-going collaboration with Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. Together we arranged three symposia in 2014 on the theme “Experimental preservation”; in Oslo, Venice and New York. In the fall of 2014 one master course on each school worked on preservation strategies for the bombed Government Quarter in Oslo, and in spring 2015 AHO, with the assistance of GSAPP, partook as one of the seven international teams who delivered proposal for the new Government Quarter. Read more



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