The unit’s interest lies in the discourse concerning architectural form in relation to small-medium sized projects:

  • What criteria is the development of architectural form based?
  • What formal possibilities and consequences follow from explicit premises or constraints?


  • ​Beate Hølmebakk, professor                                
  • New position, fall 2015                                
  • PhD researcher, to be developed

Architectural context:
The unit connects to milieus within the humanistic tradition of architectural production and discourse. It maintains the idea that the architect is a generalist and that all aspects of the discipline finally manifest themselves through form. The unit focuses on a methodic and structured construction of the architectural project and recognizes the importance of the process for the result’s quality and integrity.

Societal role:
The unit works with form in a long-term perspective. It recognizes architectural form as the lasting aspect of our built environment, rather than function which constantly changes.
The unit works from within fundamental premises of architecture. It concerns itself with how other disciplines and the society becomes relevant and manifest in architectural form.

The unit offers studio courses within building design with focus on systematic and methodological work with the premises for and development of architectural projects.

Root:         Research project            
Trunk:        Studio courses at master level                     
Branch:      Elective courses                              
Foliage:     Tutoring of predefined diploma-projects                          

Research interst:
The unit aims to initiate a research project examining the formal basis for a segment of contemporary architecture wherein – among others – practices affiliated with AHO belongs. The objective of the project is:

  • Formulation of an ideological basis for a central part of the architectural practices that AHO is identified with.        
  • Contextualization of a local, internationally renowned and specific architectural production.



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