Infrastructure and Landscape

Infrastructure and Landscape

In spite of being a characteristic feature of all landscapes, road networks seldom attract much attention among architects involved in urban planning and landscape architecture.

One reason can probably be found in the dominance of the zoning approach to planning. Road networks easily become reduced to a matter of traffic management and transport economy. Another possible reason could be, as suggested by Australian landscape architect Christopher Sawyer, that road networks like other infrastructures are conceived ‘outside’ the more visually oriented domain of landscape architecture at a much larger and more abstract territorial scale.

This is not to say that infrastructure does not operate within the landscape, it obviously does. But rather, that it does not originate there. According to Sawyer, infrastructure is conceptually located elsewhere and thus is not strategically accessible to landscape architects working only in the realm of landscape. As a consequence infrastructure often becomes something landscape architects work around rather than engage with and alter. If Sawyer is right, how can we as landscape architects engage with infrastructural planning and design in profound ways that move beyond the purely visual and pictorial? Is it possible to conceptually re-locate road networks in the landscape?

Infrastructure and landscape have as an objective to investigate and explore how infrastructure can be thought as an integrated part of the landscape.



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