Performance & Computation

Performance & Computation

The group represents the joint environments of RCAT and ACDL and foregrounds a practice-oriented and inquiry-driven integrated approach to teaching and research with particular focus on inter- and transdisciplinary research-by-design and advanced computational design.

Prof. Dr. Michael U. Hensel
Asst. Prof. Søren S. Sørensen
Joakim Hoen
Defne Sunguroglu Hensel
Sareh Sayidi

Thematic Focus and Methodological Approach
The group pursues an explicit inter- and transdisciplinary approach to research by design.

Core thematic foci include:
•          Performance-oriented Architecture
•          Informed Non-standard;
•          Local Architecture / Local Urbanism;

The methodological approach encompasses:
•          Performance-oriented Advanced Computational Design;
•          Integration of data-driven Methods, Processes, Information and Analysis;
•          Integrated computer-aided materialization / fabrication;
•          Production of full scale prototypes and pilot projects;

Approach to Architectures Societal Role
The group seeks to address locally specific societal and environmental changes that require architectural responses that are not part of the current canon and that go beyond current practice.

To do so the group will seek to involve practice, teaching, research, industry, policy makers and in so doing aim to address future practice in architecture.

Artistic Position
The group does not pursue a preconceived artistic approach based on a given aesthetic or fixed set of processes. Instead, students are encouraged and supported to develop their own artistic approach and position. In so doing the studio pursues design processes from which expression emerges and evolves and foregrounds the design of processes from which individual artistic positions can arise.
Avoiding a preconceived artistic approach is related to the thematic agenda of the studio to develop local specific and architectures that are embedded in their context based on de-emphasizing the idiosyncratic object and instead complex field relations and architecture / environment interactions.

Teaching and Research
The group foregrounds a practice-oriented and inquiry-driven integrated approach to teaching and research with particular focus on inter- and trans-disciplinary research-by-design.

Teaching integrates knowledge fields, concepts and methodological approaches, and is interdisciplinary, inductive, hands-on, conceptual, process and method driven in character.

Given the need of a dedicated skill-oriented elective course all students in the studio need by necessity take the studio specific elective course. This brings the number of elective courses to two per year and the number of students to be equivalent to the number of students in the studio. To make this possible sufficient resources need to be provided by the institute.

Research by design is key to the integration of research and education.

Research is needed to address architectures societal role and its impact on the environment in particular in a context in which dramatic qualitative and quantitative changes are taking place. The research foci are listed above in the thematic foci of the group.

The group has built an extensive international network with leading practice, research environments and leading universities and will seek to further strengthen the network and the collaborations facilitated by it.

Technology plays a key role in addressing the increasingly complex demands on architecture in terms of the design and materialization processes and in monitoring its performance and interaction with its specific environment.



Other Units/fields

Architecture and Urbanism: Architecture & Culture, Architectural historyArchitecture and Landscape, Building heritageCitiesDesign in PracticeForm, Large Scale Architecture, Materials, Structure & Ecology, Practise, Space & Technique Collaboration

Design: Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Service Design, Systems oriented Design

Landscape Architecture: Infrastructure and landscape, Landscape urbanism, Emerging Landscapes and Territories, Architecture and Landscape, Public Space and Parks