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Marianne Skjulhaug

Head of Institute

Institute of Urbanism and Landscape

Architect/urban planner/head of institute/associate professor/PhD-fellow
Marianne Skjulhaug is Head of the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). Skjulhaug has a degree in architecture from NTH (NTNU) (1990) and has years of experience both from urban spatial planning and from teaching within architectural education. She has more than twenty years of leadership experience from the private sector and from academia. Her research focuses on urban planning and design. She is currently studying the peri-urban landscapes of the Oslo region. She teaches urban design and has lectured and served as an examiner at several national and international institutions. She is an active voice in the public debate on Urbanism.


  • Architecture & Culture
  • Architecture and Landscape
  • Cities
  • Emerging Landscapes and Terretories
  • Infrastructure and Landscape
  • Landscape Urbanism

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