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AHO Guest Lecture Fall 2022 - OAT Academy 2022

Lecture title: (RE)acting/(EN)acting, Printing Architecture 
Guests: Leonard Streich (Something Fantastic, DE) & Carlo Menon and Sophie Dars (Accatone, BE), moderated by Mari Hvattum (AHO) and Paul-Antoine Lucas (AHO)
Streaming link: https://aho.cloud.panopto.eu/Panopto

This evening’s presentations and discussion panel will be centered around the theme of publication-making as an architectural practice. This event brings together Leonard Streich (co-founder of the Berlin-based Something Fantastic), Sophie Dars, and Carlo Menon (co-founders of Accattone) for a session of presentations and a panel discussion moderated by Mari Hvattum (Professor at AHO) and Paul-Antoine Lucas (assistant professor at AHO). 
During this event, we will discuss the contemporary and historical relevance of the practice of editing, publishing, and designing publications within the field of architecture as a critically engaged practice. Through this discussion, we will debate the role of the architect and discuss alternative forms of practice challenging conventional established notions of the architect as a building expert. Ranging from the role of the architect-critic to other multifaceted forms of collective practices where the architect becomes in turn, author, editor, designer, and graphic designer. We want to broaden the spectrum of what practicing architecture means today and the different ways in which our profession can engage with the multiple crises we are facing today. We invited international experts to talk about their works, inspirations, ambitions, and methods, to understand the questions and interests that motivate them within a broader disciplinary, political, and social context.
This event is part of the discussion series of the OAT Academy 2022: (RE)acting/(EN)acting – Collective Dissidence, Reclaiming the Neighborhood, an academic forum of the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) for the Oslo Architecture Triennale, and elaborated in collaboration with the Fall 2022 Guest Lecture Series at AHO.


leonard_streich_portrait_zara_pfeifer_web.jpgSomething Fantastic was founded by E. Schütz, J. Schubert and L. Streich based on the conviction that architecture is related to everything and the resulting social, ecological and political responsibility needs a new type of architectural practice. The work of the “undisciplinary” office includes the conception of books, and exhibitions next to inventing furniture, buildings and urban forms that try to do with less while still being fantastic. After having directed the MAS Urban Design at ETH Zurich, the partners are heading the Space Department at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam since 2019.
accattone_protrait_team_web1.jpgAccattone magazine is an ongoing exploration: themes discovered in an issue are expanded in subsequent ones. Material gestures, 1:1 scale models, triggering pictures in issue #1; bricolage, minor architecture and personal narratives in issue #2-3; collections, perverse museography and strata of power relations (#4); photography’s ability to provide minor perspectives on the architecture of power (Corporate Arcadia exhibition and #5). More recently, Accattone has investigated a renewed relationship with land, matter, ‘nature’ and localities against the backdrop of the new climatic regime (Villa Thunberg, #6), focussing on open-air domesticity and the diplomatic hospitality of land in issue #7, the latest. contemporary cultural phenomena to academic institutions, catering to new audiences and engaging in a much-needed institutional questioning. 

Date: 29. November, 2022
Time: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Venue: A2 Sverre Fehn auditorium
Address: Maridalsveien 29

Contact: guestlectures@aho.no

Open to everyone