Exhibition- Fredrik Rognerud: I want to make a birdhouse

Master student Fredrik’s Birdhouses are built in various materials, techniques and typologies. What once started as the playful initiative “I want to make a birdhouse”, became in the sum of his studies more than just a viable tool or infrastructure to look for architectural content. Indeed, it seems that Fredrik also discovered something in “being an architect”.

Several subjects have been brought out and made seen in those birdhouses. One to mention relates to wood, some birds, some trees, some holes and some humans. While many birds do make their nests on their own, not all are capable of doing so and hence they depend on infrastructure made available to them. The woodpecker has been one of the providers of such infrastructures. The holes in the tree made by the woodpecker had certain permanence and could be inhabited by different bird-species. There are fewer woodpeckers around now, and the woodpecker-holes do actually vanish - holes too can decay. It is the human that can make the house in wood that we call the birdhouse, and place it again at the tree. It’s a very simple story, no new subject really, unless you find out that some birds need more than just one room… or they wouldn’t nest if the openings were placed wrong… if the light wasn’t right… if one didn’t really care…

The exhibition shows a selection of Fredrik’s birdhouses, drawings and sketches, a few text-fragments and a film depicting the birdhouse together with a free standing balancing broom and the naked autistic human body crawling on the ground. The subjects in this exhibition are all "Earthbound" - being, waiting or longing for birds, trees, the urban and/or a kind of playful, or otherwise, humanity. 

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Exhibition hours:
Weekdays from 9am to 4pm
Weekend 1pm to 5pm - by appointment only (contact: 920 87 942)

Date: 14. February, 2018 - 23. February, 2018
Time: 9:00 am

Venue: AHO galleri
Address: Maridalsveien 29, 0175 Oslo