(Canceled) Exhibition: "The Nordic Bench House - A collaboration between two cultures"

PS! Before the opening Per Olaf Fjeld will have a lecture in the A2 auditorium. More info here

Welcome to the opening from 15:00 on March 11th. at the AHO Gallery!

The open-air pavilion in Dongyang called "The Nordic Bench House - Pavilion of Living in the Sunlight" was a collaboration between two wood craft nations, China and Norway. The pavilion was erected at the CAFA Work Station of Traditional Craft in Dongyang under the leadership of Mr. Lyu Xiongxin.

Today, the skills and knowledge tied to traditional wood crafts are seldom exercised to their full capacity. This collaboration was an investigation of these competences, and the small pavilion utilizes these skills, but in an architectural present. Our efforts to collaborate on many levels and to successfully share different ideas and traditions from both China and Norway matured through the physical making. On site we gained a greater awareness of each country’s cultural layers, but at the same time we worked towards a single mutual expression.

Before the opening Per Olaf Fjeld will have a lecture in the A2 auditorium. More info 

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Special funds from Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Division of Intangible Cultural Heritage, P.R. China Norwegian Embassy in Beijing

CAFA Work Station of Traditional Crafts in Dongyang, Zhejiang

Mr. Per Olaf Fjeld - Oslo School of Architecture and Design Norway

Carpenter and Builder:
Mr. Lyu Xiongxin Zhejiang - Dongyang Xiong Xin Ying Zao building and Crafts technology Ltd.
Mr. Roald Jenssen - Oslo School of Architecture and Design Norway


Date: 11. March, 2020 - 18. March, 2020
Time: 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm

Venue: AHO Gallery
Address: Maridalsveien 29, 0175 Oslo