Screenshot from the movie "Snow Project ’67", 1967 © AHO

Film: "Snow Project ’67" (OAT)

(1967, restored in 2019 – 22 min)
Jan Rolland, Erik Dagfinn Karlsen, Oddbjørn Holgersen​
“Snow Project ’67” was the third in a series of five temporary public buildings made out of snow by the students of architecture from SAO (Statens Arkitektskole i Oslo) – AHO’s name until 1969. The series started in 1963 when architect and teacher Berent (“Bente”) Moe wanted to offer his students the possibility of actually building something at 1:1 during their studies. The idea to build out of snow – a material that is available in abundance and for free in Oslo for half of the year – was first born out of economic necessity, but soon developed into an investigation of artistic and technical properties of snow as building material. After the first snow project in 1963, an aula in Bjerkebanen, the second project in 1966 served as a child center in Holmenkollen during the ski championships. The 1967 project appeared in the center of Oslo, in Studenterlunden, around a skating rink. The movie shows the design process and the making of edible models, the construction of the ’snow palace’, and the presentation of the project in newspapers and on tv. ​
In 1967 Jan Rolland and Erik Dagfinn Karlsen were the directors of the movie, while Oddbjørn Holgersen was its editor.​ In 2019 the originally silent movie got its soundtrack composed by Eyvind Kvaale, with support of Espen Solheim and Torkel Kvaale, while it was edited by Luca Fracassa.
The film  "Snow Project ’67"​ is part of the public lectures "Degrowth Histories"​

Date: 28. September, 2019
Time: 9:00 am

Venue: AHO Gallery
Address: Maridalsveien 29, 0175 Oslo

Contact: Degrowth Histories / Dealing with It / Academy / Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT)