Kristen Grieg Bjerke, Snorre Skaugen, Dag Norling, and others while de-anchoring the exhibition pavilion “og etter oss”, Oslo, 1969 © oeo group, Byggekunst 3/1969.

Lecture: Beata Labuhn (OAT)

"The 1969-Exhibition And After Us…​"
“One event that became important in triggering a call to action among the environmentally concerned at the University was the exhibition "And After Us…"” wrote Peder Anker in 2007, describing the history of the Norwegian deep ecologists and their demonstrations against hydropower developments that were so influential in shaping environmental politics in the 1970s in Norway. The exhibition "And After Us…" ("og etter oss…") was organized by a group of students of architecture in 1969. It raised public awareness of a looming environmental catastrophe. After the opening on April 12, 1969 in Oslo city center, the exhibition travelled to Bergen, Trondheim, Namsos, Bodø, Tromsø, Stavanger and Haugesund, where it found its tragic end as it was blown away by a storm during the night of September 21–22, 1969. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the exhibition in 2019, this lecture recalls its story.
Beata Labuhn studied Architecture at TU Delft / EPFL Lausanne and Philosophy at Leiden University. Her interests include architectural preservation/transformation and architectural historiography. Currently, she is a PhD candidate at AHO researching the entanglements between architecture and ecology in the 1960s and 1970s in Norway. ​
Beata Labuhn´s lecture is part of the public lectures "Degrowth Histories"​

Date: 28. September, 2019
Time: 9:30 am

Venue: AHO - A2 - Sverre Fehn Auditorium
Address: Maridalsveien 29, 0175 Oslo

Contact: Degrowth Histories / Dealing with It / Academy / Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT)