Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019 - programme launch

After a year of research work, this year’s curators will present the core programme of the upcoming Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019 and give a glimpse into the programme.
What kind of architecture will we create when buildings are no longer instruments of financial accumulation? What will our environment look like when it is human and ecological flourishing that matter most? This year’s Oslo Architecture Triennale will challenge the supremacy of economic growth as the basis of contemporary societies and investigate alternatives. The festival will explore the architecture of a new economy in which human and ecological flourishing matter most – the architecture of Degrowth. Through exhibitions, theater, performance, debates, workshops and more, Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019 invites its audience to explore the theme and imagine alternative architectural futures.
Do you have any left over tote bags?
For this year’s triennale we will reuse existing tote bags instead of producing new. Do you have left over tote bags that can be given a new owner and a new design? Donate them at the programme launch, and join us for the redesign workshop at the triennale opening on 26-29 September.
Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019 will take place in Oslo from 26 September until 24 November. The Programme launch is part of Urban Future Global conference and Oslo European Green Capital 2019, and is organized in collaboration with FutureBuilt, Arena Oslo and Oslo Business Region.

Date: 22. May, 2019
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Venue: Árdna, SALT
Address: Oslo