PHD studies

Progression seminars - routine

The purpose of the seminars is:

  • To formalize AHO`s research fellow`s standings and their supervision
  • To inform the research committee about the progression of each research fellow from the PhD program to the dissertation
  • To uncover problems connected to supervision and/or progression
  • To uncover deviations from planned progression and to arrange for revised plans to be sent the research committee
  • Ensure that necessary actions are carried out to identify and improve insufficient progression
  • Ensure that we send correct reports about PhDs to National Data Bases

Progression seminars are compulsory for all research fellows and are arranged regularly once each semester. The fellows are required to attend each semester after finishing the PhD school up to the last semester before the dissertation is handed in. Individual seminars are held for each fellow. 

The research fellows attend the meetings without supervisors.

Research fellows are required to fill in the progression form including a work schedule. The candidate and the supervisor submit individual forms that are fully confidential.

The seminars will be summoned by AHO`s research administration and organized by representatives of the research administration, and if possible one representatives of the PhD program committee.

If a research fellow lacks satisfactory progression, the seminar will be used to discuss initiatives to improve the situation. If the evaluation of the progression is not satisfactory in two succeeding meetings, the candidate may lose his/her status as an active research fellow (including rights of supervision, office space etc.) and may be transferred to a list of passive research fellows. Return to active status will require application and approval from the research committee. Maximum time span as a passive research fellow is five years. After five years the fellow will be removed from AHO`s list of research fellows.

A summary of the progression seminars shall be given in a written report to AHO`s research committee. The report shall give an overview of all research fellows and an evaluation of the progressions of each individual fellow. The research committee will decide on necessary initiatives to be taken in order to ensure further satisfactory progression. If necessary, the research committee can ask for special meetings with institute leaders, research fellow and supervisors.