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Print, copy, plotter

Print, copy, plotter

Here you can transfer money into your print account and get an overview of all incoming and outgoing transfers. 

Transfer money to your print account here

Prices printing and plotting:

Black &white: 0,40 kroner per A4 page, A3: 0,80
Colour: 1,50 per A4 page, A3: 3.00
HP Plotter: 25 kroner per m²
OCE Plotter: 75 kroner per m²  (including paper)
Price list for plotter paper: contact inforoget

Click here to access your print history
You can also check your account balance and costs of jobs in print queue.

What types of paper can I use?

  • Only use types of paper approved by the IT-department. 
  • If you want to use other types of paper, contact us. 

Discounted plotting paper

  • We have a stock of 90 g, 120 g, 180 g in A1 og A0 sizes.
  • This is sold by the reception a discounted price (about 40% of retail price)

How can I access the printers & plotters?

  • Use your AHO-username and password to access printers & plotters. 
  • The Follow-me printers are accessible through the school's network (Wi-Fi + cable).
  • Plotters are only accessible through workstations in the labs.

Having problems printing or plotting? 

  • First, check if you have enough credit on your print account to complete the job.
  • If lack of credit isn't the problem, contact us. 
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