Corona-closed library, Q&A

Corona-closed library, Q&A

Can i visit the library in person?

No, unfortunately only library staff have access to the library. Faculty and phd-students can make appointments. 

Can I order physical books?

Yes. Order books we do not have access to electronically in Oria. We'll notify you when you can pick up books by the workshop entrance.

Will I get reminders and demand for reminders compensation?

We will send you reminders for material that is due and that have a waiting list. We will not send demands for compensation. If you are unable to return books that are due or want to to keep material for longer, contact us. 

Can I borrow books?

Yes. Log on to Oria to order books that we do not have electronic access to. 

Can I get guidance?

Yes! We are avaliable via e-mail, telephone and Zoom. 

I need access to an article. How do I go about this?

Journals and databases we subscribe to are available through "off-campus access" or VPN. Use Oria or our article databases to search and access the articles. 

I need access to a physical material from the collection. How do I go about this?

Log on to Oria and request physical articles here. This service relies on our possibility to go into work. 

I have an EndNote related problem. Where can I get help?

Send us an e-mail and we´ll help you. You can also get a zoom meeting.