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Internal property services (Drift)


AHO has a limited amount of parking spaces infront of the school. The spots are marked with "AHO" or "Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo". Parking requires a valid ticket, contact the reception.

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AHO publishes several books and they are for sale at the AHO Info Desk. You will also find other books and item related to AHO. 

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Systems Oriented Design

Service Design

[caroufredsel]tjenestedeisgn3.jpgtjenestedeisgn1.jpgtjenestedeisgn5.jpgtjenestedeisgn4.jpgtjenestedeisgn2.jpg[/caroufredsel]Service Designers use digital platforms, personnel and physical environments when designing new services. The purpose is to transfer value from the supplier to the user – from the hospital to the patient, from business to the customer – in an efficient, comprehensive and attractive way. To achieve this, systematic efforts to understand the context, find users’ needs and generate new ideas for communication materials, websites, touch points, work practices and cooperative partners.