Meet our international students

Meet our international students

Have you applied to AHO’s architecture, design or landscape architecture programmes? Talk to one of our students!

NB! Questions on requirements and admission must be directed to Anything else you are curious about - email our students and they will try to help you.

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Jayne //​


25, American. Master of Landscape Architecture
Fun fact: I rode my bike once besides an elephant.
"I came to study at AHO because I was excited by the diploma projects focused on water management in landscape architecture. I like the professors, guest lectures from other disciplines, and out-in-the-field trips best at AHO."



Jomy //


28, India. Master of Design
Fun fact: I ice skate like a toddler learning to walk, and much like a toddler I can make random noises for hours.

"I was looking for the best places to study Scandinavian design and I came across AHO on the Red Dot website. I was really impressed by the pedagogy and the facilities at the school so I decided to apply and fortunately I am here now! AHO is like an easter egg of design schools. The building is unassuming and hides the fact that you have world class thinkers and doers quietly chugging coffee inside. For me the best part would be that AHO is this carnival of ideas from all over the world. There is always something to learn even if you aren't aware of it." 


Katrín //


30, Iceland. Master of Landscape Architecture
Fun fact: After a thumb-related mishap as a child, I have no sense of left and right which often lands me in confusion when I´m wearing gloves. 

"I heard about AHO through friends who were very satisfied with the program and the school. It’s a small school where faculty, services and other students are easily reachable. The atmosphere is friendly and ambitious at the same time​. 


Thiago //


32, Brazil. Master of Design
Fun fact: I have more records than friends

"I came to AHO because I knew that service design was very strong here. I like the fact that it is very open, whenever you want you can just come by and do your thing. Also, it has a very home-like feeling. It's very cozy."


Roman //​ 


24, Czech. Master of Architecture
Fun fact: The school has become an extension of my home. Sometimes I forget to go to bed.
"I came to study at AHO because I was impressed by the way of teaching, professional facilities at the school and a great opportunities to work. You can find people from all around the world in great open studios, where you can share your ideas."


Simón //


25, Chile. Master of Design
Fun fact: I really like food and good conversation. I also like to get to see new places. In Oslo, I always try to walk through areas I don't know and go hiking to the lakes. 

"I first came to AHO as an exchange student. I really liked it so I decided to come back for my Masters. I think AHO is one of the leading universities in Service Design and Systems Oriented Design, which I'm currently studying. What I really like about AHO is the way you develop projects by researching, prototyping and testing always with people in the centre of the process. You learn by doing projects and reflecting on them. Also, you get the opportunity to collaborate with both the private and the public sector of Norway."



Maximilian //


27, Germany, Master of Landscape Architecture.
Fun Fact: I sometimes go to AHO to work early in the morning after going out on the weekend. It’s a very energetic space that changes it’s atmosphere during the course of the day.
“In our profession we need to be close to the people we work with. AHO has a unique approach of linking designers, architects and landscape architects and provides an efficient platform for interdisciplinary research and discussions.”

Christopher //


30, Canada & UK. Master of Design
​Fun fact: I generally dislike partisanship, but like Jekyll and Hyde, every spring I turn into a rabid Toronto Blue Jays baseball fan.  

"I visted Oslo for the first time in 2014 for the RSD conference, and to visit friends who study at AHO. I immediately fell in love with the city, my friends' apartment, and the school. 3 years later I live in Oslo, in that same apartment, and am exploring some new directions in design at AHO (three for three!). Coming from a furniture design background, I'm really excited to learn by doing, and pursuing a hybrid approach to design here at AHO is exposing me to a diversity of new ideas, methods and professional contacts."



Ivy //


23, American. Master of Design
Fun fact: Oslo Vinterpark is an hour by metro from AHO. I try to go snowboarding 2-4 times a week since they are open from 10-22. Today I went riding during the day in the sunshine and now it's dark out and I'm in the studio working!
"I found AHO by searching for interaction design masters programs (in English) in the Scandinavian countries as I've previously lived in Finland and Denmark and knew I wanted to stay in the area long term. In the end I based my final decision on what I found in the website compared to other schools I applied to. It was kind of a shot in the dark but turned out to be one of my greatest choices to date."



Heini //


24, Finland. Master of Architecture. Exchange student
Fun fact: My life is balance between city and nature. When I have freetime I will take the metro and go to hike outside Oslo.

"I was really impressed with variety of courses which AHO offered for master students. I wanted to see architecture from a different point of view and at AHO I seemed to have the opportunity to do that. In the courses you have a small group of students so you get to know your fellow students really well. I also like working in AHO's workshops and do experimental models there."