Meet our international students

Meet our international students

Are you interested in AHO’s architecture, design or landscape architecture programmes? Contact one of our students!

**NB! Questions on requirements and admission must be directed to Anything else you are curious about - email our students and they will try to help you.**

You can use the generic email address: or contact students individually. 



Nick Coates //


25, USA. Master of Architecture
"There is something special about Norway that is difficult to put into words. After traveling through the country two summers ago to see the incredible architecture scattered throughout its breathtaking landscapes and cities, as well as meeting some of the most wonderful and welcoming people throughout the journey, I knew it was a place in which I wanted to continue my studies."



Dhritiman Chatterjee //
 (specializing in Industrial Design)


25, India. Master of Design
Fun fact: It is much warmer and comfortable in Oslo than expected.
"I chose AHO to have exposure to Scandinavian design, and to experience the nature. What I like most about AHO are the workshops, the very open culture, personal space in the studio, and the 24/7 student workshop."


Siyin Pang //


24, China. Master of Landscape Architecture
Fun fact: It is impossible to avoid slipping during winter in Oslo.
"At AHO, students have plenty of freedom. Also the course schedule gives students much more possibility to explore what they truly like."


Amelie Dinh //
(specializing in Service Design)

30, Canada. Master of Design
Fun fact: I came for design… I might stay for the waffles!
"AHO is a great community and provides plenty of opportunities to further explore different facets of design."


Anna Kross //

22, Russia. Master of Landscape Architecture
Fun fact: no fun, just life.
"I chose AHO because it is education through junction of arts & science."


Noah Stutchbury //

24, Australia. Master of Architecture.
Fun fact: A bristlecone pine is the oldest tree in the world.
"I chose AHO to experience different perspectives around architecture."

Palak Dudani // 
 (specializing in Service Design)


26, India. Master of Design
Fun fact: Having never seen snow before, I was excited about winters. Little did I know that winters last here for months and my daily worry would include getting snow out of my boots.
"AHO is a place where you'll be met with questions, not answers. You'll find inspiration in AHO's close-knit community, it's incredibly brilliant professors, the quiet vivacity of the Oslo city - and hopefully, if you're paying attention - discover yourself in the process." 



Jhu Yin Hong //


26, Taiwan. Master of Landscape Architecture
Why I chose AHO? The first thing is the free student fee, and the second one is I really want to experience the Nordic culture, environment, and so on. I am so happy I can be here and enjoy my master’s student life at AHO.