The AHO Quality Assurance System

The AHO Quality Assurance System ("Kvalitetssystemet") is meant to cover all aspects of the operations at AHO.

The system is developed continually, and is subject to frequent updates and maintenance.

The AHO regulations contain rules and regulations concerning the different areas of the school.

These are guidelines and routines that make up the governing documents for the activity at AHO. Referrals to laws and regulations from the goverment are, in limited scope, included where deemed necessary. The system also contains a number of forms and standardised setups used in the daily operations at AHO.

As of now, most of the regulations are available in Norwegian only, but an abridged English version with a translation of the most relevant documents is under development. To see the documents and forms already available, please navigate through the meny on the left.

NB! This site is under construction - june 2015.