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Hukodden Sjøbad - Rejuvenating a historical bath house on Bygdøy

Filip Krefting

Diploma project

Autumn 2020
Institute of Architecture

Bente Johanne Kleven
On the southern tip on the peninsula Bygdøy, at one of Oslo’s most popular bathing sites lies a small building known as Hukodden Strandrestaurant (Hukodden Beach Restaurant). From being a highly popular place to visit, it has degraded over the years leaving it totally empty and abandoned since 2018. The only reason for this is not just the worn materials and lack of refurbishing, but the fact that the building was originally designed as a private bath house, not a restaurant. It was built for Vidkun Quisling in 1941, during the occupation of Norway. This is the main reason for its yellow listing, which makes it difficult to optimize the volume for restaurant operations.

I decided to go back to the origin and transform it into a bath house again, only now a public one. Firstly, that meant clearing away all small extensions and modifications done over the years as a restaurant, ending up with the original volume and scheme. In relation to the listing and also my own value assessment, I wanted to preserve the expression and most of its elements, but in order to make the program public some alterations had to be made. Two new entrances are added, some of the existing windows with characteristic arches are implemented in new doors and the inner walls are all new to fit public toilets, changing rooms, showers, lockers and a new café. The sundeck opening up to the views of the Oslofjord and partly surrounded by arched rows of columns is given a natural saltwater pool, enhancing the new bath house program.


As an extension to the bath house, a new jetty is formed along the rough rocks to the West. In addition to more area for sun- and sea-bathing, it has a jumping tower, kayak rental and a sauna. All this will give the former bath house and its surroundings new life. 




Filip Krefting / filip.krefting@gmail.com