A new Children’s Palace in Nanjing - Or - A new Children’s Palace in Nanjing


Diploma project

Autumn 2018
Institute of Architecture

Neven Fuchs-Mikac
Thomas Gregory Mc Quillan
Thomas von Ballmoos
Based on a special building type in socialist countries - Children's Palace, setting in an urban context, the project is to design a new ’palace’ beside an existing primary school in Nanjing.
Except for the complicated urban context, I kept thinking about the essence of this builidng type: It is a paradise for children, a world of wonder and magic, a container of state-sponsored fantasy. In oder to capture the appropriate atmosphere for a children's palace, I studied Palace as a theme and reference.
Eventually, a multi-story palace was settled in a big garden,  in which different halls were created by a particular section with pitched-roof and sunken-floor, and three dicomensions for children, adults and imaginations included meanwhile.
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