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Runde Coastal Trail

Ane Liavaag Ellefsen

Diploma project

Spring 2021
Institute of Urbanism and Landscape

Eric Reid
Annelise Chapman
Situated on the pristine west coast of Norway, Runde Coastal Trail offers a pedestrian route in an exposed tidal landscape dominated by pebble beaches, protruding ridges and rock formations.









The trail moves through topographical transitions, ebbing and flowing water, beach meadow, seaweed, an active birdlife and grazing sheep. It is routed just above the high tide line, and slightly raised above ground to allow the tidal water to flow underneath, without flooding the trail.

The approximately 3.8 km trail is constructed with steel frames and permeable grates, which protect the tidal flora underneath by avoiding trampling and allowing sunlight, water and air to filter through.


The ebb and flow of the tides and the harsh weather provides a dynamic landscape scene throughout the day and year. The trail is tightly adapted to the landscape, and due to varying topographical conditions, the trail changes from hugging the ground to being elevated throughout the sequence.

The goal of the project is to lead people into a tidal landscape to experience the rhythms of tidal water and the beauty of seaweed. Through non-destructive, biodiversity enhancing and socially adapted design, the project aims to connect humans to a tidal landscape and to create awareness of the vulnerable landscape where land meets the sea.


Ane Liavaag Ellefsen / ane.ellefsen@gmail.com