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STAUPER DAYBED : Jonas Carlsen and Gard Hagen

@IsolaDD19 in Milano presents:

Jonas Carlsen and Gard Hagen

Master studio | Seven weeks
‘Stauper’ is the world’s first, and only, flax fiber bio-composite daybed. It is created with a biologically degradable resin and a matrix of twelve layers of raw linen. After finding dead whales with stomachs filled with plastic bags, oceanic pollution has been a national news topic here in Norway. This nudged us to experiment with a sustainable solution to the manufacturing of products. Inspired by the glacier ground surfaces of the Stauper, Norway archipelago. Our experiences of laying comfortably, but on a hard surface, while sunbathing on the rocks was the proof of concept. That is why every material of the daybed is carefully considered for both its functionality and sustainability. Texture, warmth, flexibility, strength, and agility are the bed’s main characteristics. We felt compelled to experiment formalistically with the abilities of the materials, to obtain a second glance from the viewer, and forcing a reaction for good or bad.