Semester registration spring 2019 is open

Semester registration spring 2019 is open

Please log on to Studentweb to register for the semester and to sign up for classes and the exam.
As a student at AHO you need to pay the semester fee and register for the semester to retain your right to study. The deadline to register for the semester is February 1st..

Master student?
In the column “studies” and “my education plan” you will find the courses you are admitted to next semester. We refer to the guidelines for the course admission process for further information.

Are you a diploma or pre-diploma student?
Remember to sign up for the classes and the exam in Studentweb. This way you will receive all relevant information before the next semester.

Are you applying for a leave of absence?
If you are applying for a leave of absence you need to do that before 15 February. More information here. Application form here (only in Norwegian).
Specific questions regarding the course admission process can be directed to

Questions about courses, the start of next semester or other relevant questions can be directed to AHOs student advisors:

Master students architecture:

Master students design:

Master students Landscape Architecture: