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Course registration - autumn 2022

Course registration - autumn 2022

Course prioritization for autumn 2022 is open in Studentweb and the deadline for registering your priorities is May 10th

All courses and course descriptions are available here.

You register through Studentweb under the header «studies».
  • To select studio and elective courses, follow the link on the front page of Studentweb. You will be directed to the page where you prioritize courses. You prioritize courses for autumn 2022 under the banner spring 2022, be aware of this!. 
  • To select pre-diploma, diploma or mandatory courses, click “studies” and the “education plan” and choose the courses you are supposed to take in the semester autumn 2022.

If you have any questions regarding the course prioritization or you experience any problems please notify your student advisor in Academic Services.
Master in Landscape Architecture

Students on the Master in Landscape Architecture in their first semester will have their mandatory courses added automatically. Students in their third semester prioritize studio course and add predipoma.

Master in Architecture

The master’s students have to prioritize courses from one to four. This goes for the registration for studio courses (24 credits) and for the elective courses (6 credits).
It is your responsibility to make sure that that your prioritized list of courses are registered when the deadline has passed.


Master in Design 2 and 5 year

Students in the master program in design prioritize studio and elective courses as described above. Students in the 2 year programme will only be admitted to studio courses they are qualified for when admitted to the programme. 

Pre-Diploma / Diploma

The Pre-Diploma course (6 credits) is a mandatory specialized course running in the semester prior to the diploma/master thesis semester.
If you are planning diploma in the autumnsemester you must add this to your study plan in studentweb.


Allocation of study place
Distribution of study place goes according to seniority (ECTS). Students applying directly from the foundation level (bachelor level) will be prioritized according to their grades. Some courses have certain prerequisites, and requirements concerning electives. This is stated in the course descriptions. 
Important information: Admission to courses is given according to ECTS completed. Incoming exchange students have the same seniority as first year master students. Therefore it is important that all students check their studentweb to see that every result from AHO or exchange is registered. If there are some results are not registered (e.g. exchange) please apply to academic service to get your courses recognized before May 10th (not relevant for incoming exchange students).  It is the student’s responsibility to make sure your education plan with external result is correct. 
The courses you are admitted to will be visible in Studentweb. The admission process should be finalized around June 1st. An email will be sent to your AHO email address when the results are ready.  If not registered within the deadline May 10th, you will be placed in courses according to availability.  
When the admission process is finalized, you will get information about how to accept the course seats and how to put yourself on a waiting list for courses you did not get admission to.